Scientific Research Showing Creation Of Love Potion

Scientific Research Showing Creation Of Love Potion

pheromones-300x195Often when we think of someone discovering or using a love potion, we think of a classic fairytale story line where someone, usually a man, wants a special woman to love him, and he asks a fairy for the magical elixir. Although this has never seemed like a type of story that would happen in real life, scientists have other plans. Even if you are someone who would never in a million years believe in something like a love potion being created, recent studies conducted by several scientists have shown major breakthroughs.

How Can A Love Potion Work?

The first of these major breakthroughs involves research on an area of the brain called the limbic region. As it turns out, scientists are able to prove that this area of our brains controls our many emotions as well as sexual attraction. Many scientists have begun to recognize this part of our body as the “seat of emotions.”

The second part of these breakthroughs involves an organ located just inside the nasal cavity known as the vomeronasal organ, or the VNO. Scientists believe that the sole purpose of this organ is to detect any amount of pheromones, which are chemical hormones released by humans and animals, that are in the air. When pheromones are detected, the VNO sends a signal to the limbic region of the brain, thus increasing our attraction to whomever is releasing those pheromones.

Why Do Love Potions Work?

Up until this point, scientists had not really understood why we as humans release these pheromones. However, with the new research, they have now begun to theorize that the release of these chemical hormones comes from our evolutionary need to attract a mate and reproduce.Incredibly, this research comes from many studies done on both animals and humans alike. in order to test the theory on humans, an experiment was conducted where out of a group of people, one male and one female were both given a scent that contained pheromones. After this group of men and women completed the experiment of going on ten short dates with one another, the two who were given the scent were more desirable than anyone else in the group.

So has the groundwork been laid for the creation of a love potion?  There is in fact an entire forum dedicated to discussing this matter.  Inside You’ll be able to read real user experiences with many different types of pheromone products.  You can access the site by visiting this link:

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