Extreme Couponing: How To Never Buy Anything Ever Again


How much do you spend each time you walk into a grocery store? Depending on the size of your household and the appetites of those that are in it, some families can spend upwards of $300 in a single quick trip. However, did you know that there are some families that walk into a grocery store and leave without even ... Read More »

6 Ways To Score FREE Makeup


We’ve all been there ladies. When money gets tight, we have to make some sacrifices with what we buy and sometimes that means cutting corners with our beauty products. But you probably didn’t know that that doesn’t have to be the case! There are actually several ways you can “cheat the system” to get your very own make up and ... Read More »

Pro Caulk Kit: For A Perfect Finish


When you first bought (or constructed, for those of a more idealistic nature) your house, it probably seemed almost perfect. Sure the roof leaked when it rained hard and flushing turned off the heating system, but it is your castle and you love it. Now, this may hold true for a few years but after awhile things start to break ... Read More »

Easy Sweeping with Swivel Sweeper G2


Cleaning is one thing that not many people are terribly fond of. There is just something about cleaning up after oneself that makes it more laborious than doing other things, say, gardening or fixing the car. However, it is a necessary effort. Otherwise, we would be better off living outside of houses. The good thing is that technology makes things ... Read More »

What is the Aqua Globe?


Having a little green around the house is a good thing. I’m talking about plants, not money (if this were about money, then having a lot of green would be good). Plants have a great aesthetic effect in the home. They make it brighter and more comfortable and the break the monotony of seeing only non-living objects around you. They ... Read More »

A Slice of iSlice Safety Cutter


Probably the most popular cutting material ever is a pair of scissors. You can use it to cut through plastic bags, packaging, and all sorts of paper; but, you can’t always use it to open safety-sealed boxes or packaging . In these cases, you tend to use knifes and other sharp objects. However, let’s face it, accidents happen and the ... Read More »

Checking out the Get a Grip Handle Bar


The Get a Grip Handle Bar would’ve helped you when this happened. You are in the shower. You are enjoying a nice warm shower, thinking about that girl from the office who you finally worked up the courage to ask out. You have the perfect evening planned out, with a candlelit dinner and everything. Since you want to make a ... Read More »

Slap Chop Review


How much time do you spend chopping all your ingredients for vegetable or fruit salads, or even your spices for cooking everyday food? It’s gotta be around 10-20 minutes. Now this is probably longer than cooking the actual dish. This would also be very inconvenient (and annoying) if you’re already very, very hungry; that you’d rather have fast food than ... Read More »

Shoes Under: The Perfect Tool for Shoe Lovers


Having trouble keeping all your shoes together with such a limited space in your room? Worry no more! A very innovative piece of  contraption has now been invented for your shoe storage needs and it is called the Shoes Under. You don’t even have to have a lot of pairs to be able to appreciate how useful Shoes Under is. ... Read More »

Where To Get The Best Deals On Designer Jewelry


When it comes to buying jewelry only suckers pay retail.  After all, the mark ups in the jewelry industry are some of the highest of any accessory’s out there. What Does This Mean For Jewelry Buyers? Well just that.  If the mark ups for a product are high than the mark downs can also be really low – If you ... Read More »